vineri, 11 ianuarie 2013

Think out of the box....

              As of late I've  tried to do things that are out of my usual "safe mode", try to overcome my boundaries and do something more than what I am used to do.
               This is the explanation for my new riding obsession, (which I will maybe explain someday that it's not that new!);  trying to do some activities even after I come home really tired from work; don't imagine me going to the gym or something, but like crossing the road to my neighbours is really a challenge sometimes, especially when all you dreamt about while at work was laying lazy on your couch and watching Black Beauty..., or going shopping or just window shopping in Decathlon with one or even two of my riding-obsessed friends.
               I don't know if it's because I am stubborn, or just my mood right now, but I am really trying to do something more for myself. It could be the age I'm close to???? !!!! or maybe just that I am tired of working for others and I've decide to do something for myself; that is manage with the litlle I have, and just like Jackie, think out of the box:
...just like Jackie here; I'm even trying to do not so comfortable things, like posting another one of my work outfits:
or  a detail from one worn on another day:

these are some wintage pearls I've bought very very cheap from our fleamarket...I was so lucky to find them...
...the chain itself is a beauty, unfortunately my camera doesn't do it justice....
....but I believe you can still see the intricate's a beauty! (sorry if the photos are a little bit explicit....)...

Anyways, compared to that necklace above here is one of my own creations:
...over one of my favourite art albums (I'll have to make a review of it someday!). See? making jewelry is another step, too bad I have so little spare time, I really enjoy working so little pieces with my hands and once they are all put together and get the shape I dreamed of from the beginning, I am really satisfied with myself!

I'm really trying to expand my horizons, be more flexible and move more! But most of all, I am trying to make a future for myself...and as I have little options, I thaught long and hard what I could do and see myself doing in the future. And I've come to a simple conclusion: I have to work with the material I am given, that is my house at Raca and the land me and my sister own!
Remember these photos?
believe it or not, this pear tree made like ten fruits the year before...

 ...of my wild  garden at Raca???
and remember the sneaky photo of my neighbour's wonderful garden next to ours?
 well, I've decided, and have my sister's support, to transform it into an orchard! I will plant apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees and some more, and maybe, as I am a big fan of home-made jam, some small bushes with fruits, like:
             I know it will take some good years until I will see some money from the investment I am going to make, but let's just say it is a long-term deposit! And the best of all is that we own the land, we just have to pay for the baby-trees! I am going to make this investment as my sister, as you already know, has two wonderful girls, which will make a fine working hand for picking apples by the time my trees will produce something! (just kidding....partially :D).
              I also have some land in the hills close to Raca, which I am thinking about using for some plantations, but it is already much to much for my already "srinked" budget, but maybe with the right associates, who knows? I don't want to risk stating something which I am not able to do right now, it's just a plan for the future, maybe next year, or two years from now, as this investment is much more significant, reaching to over 2000 Euro, money which I don't have right now.
               But I have my mind set on being a farm girl, and that's what I will do! I have to set priorities, read much stuff about this, take every advice I can get, follow deadlines (mine right now is having money for the baby trees by march!) and slowly start making something for myself, as nobody has everything from the beginning, right?
                 This doesn't mean I'm moving back to Raca, my trees will grow even without me being there, I'll just take care of them whet it is needed. And the best of all things is that I, just like hobbits , like planting and growing things:
And just like hobbits, I like to eat good food, and here's what Aura, tunde and I prepared last evening:
baked potatoes, cut and  stuffed....
and stuffed mushrooms..... with cheese, bacon and mushrooms tales, and sour cream...yum!
....and they were really delicious! too bad we had only like ten pieces or time I'll be more prepared and buy a ton or so, as they are trully yummy!
As the weekend is on our doorstep, myself and my crazy pets:
Eisi & Jackie
whish you all a very quiet and wonderful weekend, and we are grateful for your attention!

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  1. I also like and support your plans for your country house. If you need, I am willing to join you and help out with the garden on weekends. A little fresh air is always welcome. Especially in the summer.
    I wish you the best for your plans!

    1. Thank you so much! Help will be very needed and appreciated, and of course on weekends!