luni, 24 septembrie 2012

Post-wedding impressions...part 1

Well, been there, done that! Finally Alida's wedding came and went! After much stress and crazy weather changes right before the big day, Saturday finally came, with a huge bright sun! I was so glad, since I feared it would rain for their big day, but it was sooo nice!
Just to fit my life's pattern, we were of course almost late, since M fell asleep after I went to do my hair and I couldn't reach him on the phone and wake him, and so we left Timisoara very late and almost missed the religious ceremony.

Alida would never had forgive me if I did so, she even called me while we were on our way to Petrosani to tell me that she would break my legs if I am late, so I was in despair when we were almost in Petrosani but we entered a traffic jam. Thanks to M's driving skills we overcame that, but when in the city, we were many wedding do they allow in one day???
We almost crashed three weddings until we found the right one, and then, while in our car pursuing the cars of the other guests, of course we took the wrong turn, since in fact they were not only our wedding's guests, but there was yet another wedding!
Could it have been easier for me??? I'm afraid I am jinxed when it comes to this sort of events...I'm always in a hurry, I always take the wrong turns...but thank God I reached the church in time...otherwise I think Alida would really have turned into Bridezilla and killed me!since I was a bridesmade with her sister, Giani, and I really had to be there in time to walk with her down the aisle.
need to read this!source: google images

 All in one, I was there in time, we hade a wonderfull time, they were both beautiful and photos are to come after they return from their honey week!
I whish you all the best my darlings!May you be happy ever after!
And here's their song and  the one they opened the wedding with:


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