joi, 17 ianuarie 2013

Random thaughts....

like the one that my life is sometimes driving in full gear by me is not something new, and I think not even strange to some of us, the urge to do something, even if you don't know what is something we all feel sometimes, and the simple thaught that I am in my office at my desk ten hours a day sometimes makes me crazy, just like now!
Thank god for the internet, I just realized it is my only escape, and I must say it helps alot. When I feel like going through the woods, just like this morning, and many other mornings, I can listen to this:
and my "confinement " is a little bit easier to bear, I write a few lines on my blog like these ones and I feel connected to people I know and to some I don't but I still know they are there reading my thaughts, and that is something so extrordinary that I would never had thaught it possible, until a few months back!....and this is my main method of connecting to other people I feel like knowing afer reading their written thaughts!
       I have yet another method of "escaping" when at work, but if you can't distribute your attention correctly, please don't try this at work, or you'll loose your job! (:D): I like imagining myself somewhere, like on a field, looking at horses or cows, or sheep, or all of them:
or just look at these beauties:
and the best:
  Now I wonder how happy must one be to open his eyes in the morning, get a mug of coffee and get out on one's porch and have such a view:
This is something I would love to see each morning! and something like this:
One day not very far from now I will have my own photos to show you, at least of the orchard, as I have already taken measures to buy apple baby trees for my Raca garden! Yupiiiiieeee!!!!! can't wait for March to be here!!! I'm gonna plant me some apple trees!!!! (insert BIG grin here)

As I have to run and translate 9 pages I am planting some sweet bisous and give you a big big thanks for dropping by!

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