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Just an ordinary grey day..

Waking up in no mood for life is not something too strange for anyone, right? well, that's how I woke up today, in a terrible disposition, literally as we Romanians call it: "with the face to the sheet"! I was cold and sleepy and didn't want to go out the door, but I just had to! The moments like this one is when I am mad that I have to go to work, and I must say that in winter this is happening to me alot! In late spring, when I can ride my bike, the problem is veeeery different, as I forget about everything once I hurry down the road, the wind in my hair! Oh how I miss it, especially the hot summer, when I can wear my brain cap, which truly allows my hair to spin, although it gets all tangled up until I get home!
If I started talking about bikes it's clearly because I miss riding! This grey weather outside won't help at all...I am daydreaming about my beautiful bike...
..here he is, my darling (I like to call it My Love , that is Iubi Meu in Romanian! and it must be a "he", right?); next to M's huge bike..but our photographer, Arthur, did a very good job again, as in the front is Iubi and in the back is M's Midnight Star, so mine looks bigger (insert BIG grin here!) although mine's a dwarf compared to his...

 huge monster! (1600 cubic cm!!) that's alot of power!

 ....and beautiful sound!...and bling!
M's current bike is by far the nicest I've ever been on, but of course it's way to big for me, I could never ride it! Not that I would want to; I wish I had a bigger one then my Iubi, but it will have to do for now!

That would be enough about our bikes for now! I miss sunshine, that's clear! I miss this:
GREEN! I miss
and I miss going with Blondi to Raca :
and I miss travelling to Il Vaticano and its wonderful garden, which I will have to visit sometimes, as they are not always open to the public (I wonder if they are open at anytime, I know some family friends who were there, but I don't know if anyone can go...):
and  to La Cita Eterna, with Saint Peter Basilica, where La Pieta of My dearest Michelangelo is:

or even in my own sweet country, where we had sooo much to see that I would need a few years to travel it all and see it all, although Romania is really a relatively small country!
Like sleeping near a castle like this one in Ineu, our first experience of this kind, our first day on the trip, and the day we decided to do this as often as possible (and it worked!):
 here we are preparing to leave the wonderful people there the next morning:
I must say Romanians are very good people, and not selfish, as the castle below we visited with the help of the cleaning lady....it was closed that day (I don't quite remember where it was, I have it all written down) but the nice lady took us on a private tour, and believe me, there was alot to be seen:
 another beautiful part of the outer wall:
 and the interior
 and the small chapel
We had the chance to visit so many old fortresses, that I can't even keep track of them, I have them arranged somewhere on my laptop...
 I just know that many of them are being rebuilt/reconditioned, and they are almost each and everyone of them under the UNESCO patronage! I am so glad to see we Romanians are back on the track! For my readers who do not know very much about my beautiful country, Romania is not only about Transylvania and Dracula, on the contrary, we have a huge heritage, a small country with such a huge legacy!
we visited so many churches that my head was spinning at one moment, they are so beautiful, and sooo old!

 Some castles were already reconditioned, others were in ruin, and left a bad taste in our mouths and sadness in our hearts...
 Really old churches like this one are easy to find in almost every village in Transylvania, and not only there!

 frescoes or wooden pannels from the 13th-14th century are something to be amazed about, I must say:
and the smell in there is so strange, so old, and it's so cold, that you feel like the time has stopped there, under those beautiful arches who only God knows how they were built 6-7 centuries ago!
We were everywhere, from up in the attics of fortresses and churches towers:

 to down under old reconditioned fortresses:
 Now that I think about all the places we've been I start to realize that hospitality is really something very common among Romanians, everywhere we went we were so welcome! People talked to us, told us the local history or legends, told us about the people who lived there long ago, in castles and not only, they were all so happy to help and even let us camp in their front yards, like the time when we slept in this lady's yard, who had this nice dog:
     I don't remember the village's name, the lady's name, but I do remember she had a cellar like an anti-atomic shelter! I must say it would have been perfect for wine keeping, not that my own cellar back at Raca wouldn't be appropriate.....

      And we even  went to Viscri, the village where Prince Charles purchased a house some time ago, a very well media-covered subject, btw!
the Church from Viscri
And now It's official,  miss this more than anything: being on the road
...and being on M's bike, lost somewhere in the Maramures Mountains...
 ...or visiting churches in Transylvania...
...so I must say I really miss summer, or at least the beginning of spring when I can start riding...even though dressed-up like an Eskimo:
I am the one on the left, with my green scarf...btw, this is my first photo on my bike ever!!
I think I remebered enough for just one day/post, so I will leave you now, to digest all the info I've given so far!
Thank you so much for reading! Bisous!

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  1. Wonderful pictures, wonderful landscapes and I bet, wonderful memories too! I also miss the warm weather, when all nature comes back to life and turns green.. and birds start singing.. Sigh..