marți, 29 ianuarie 2013

New riding boots....

As Valentine's is very close, and I was talking and talking and talking about riding boots (my feet froze on sunday!) mr. M took me for a short shppping spree last night, as soon as I got home from work.
And this is how we ended up almost an hour in our Decathlon shop, which has become for some time now my most favourite shop. We spent so much time because I couldn't decide weather to buy the black ones which were size 35 or the brown ones which are 36 ; as I am somewhere inbetween...
I ended up taking these beauties home:

...and as you can see Eisi was extremly curious about them....they even have small horse shoes on the sole!
...and they are handmade in Romania, by Fouganza. My riding pants

 are from the same mark, and I could see that all riding apparel from Decathlon is by the same manufacturer. I don't know about other articles, but my pants are really comfy...have I told you I've received them as a Christmas gift? from Aura & Tunde???

They are leather inside and out, except the lateral elastic band, and being very comfy I am going to wear them even for other ocasions than just riding!
Here are some more interesting photos with Mary & me:
 it's obvious she would not go the way I wanted her to, but as compared to the first time, she listened! and I was sooooo proud of myself and of her of course!
And here are some funny faces:
Jackie looking kinda' stupid...but in a good way!

little beggar...



Jackie helping M with his essays...
And I just had to post this adorable photo made by our artistically-inspired friend:
...taken somewhere at Herneacova.

That would be all for today, as I've gotta run, but not before thanking you so much for dropping by!

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  1. Wonderful! Those are the black 35's?. I can't wait to see you wear them for what they are intended for. I hope they hold for a long, long time ! I'm so happy for you ! Kisses ! :)