miercuri, 30 ianuarie 2013

Staring at the sun....

Ok, I admitt it, it's a very gloomy day outside, but as I am listening to Jason Aldean' s wonderful song:
I had such a feeling of summer-craving, that I just couldn't help but "lie" a bit about the staring part (well, a bit more...).....But who doesn't love bathing his/her face in the warm sunbeams after such a long and cold winter? I would, for shure, and right now! Too bad all I see outside my window is fog!
It's somehow curious that fog doesn't make me lethargic, on the contrary, it inspires me alot! Am I not a strange bird????
Anyhow, what do you think is on my mind when thinking about sunshine and sun and summer???
...my little old home at Racasdia, of course!!! Here is my inner court, with the wine trees and the flowers, and
my flower-crowned Pinky! whom I miss sooooo much! and here I was in front of my house, dressed in my hello kitty pajamas:
Don't worry, I wasn't driving my bike dressed like that through the village, I was just taking it out of my neighbour's court very early in the morning and I didn't get the chance to change! That house with the white door is my precious! My sanctuary!
And here is my wild garden:
These photos were taken this past summer, when I was with Blondi at Raca for a week, and we also visited a monastery nearby, and strolled happily through the neighbouring woods:

Oh how happy we were! I trully hope we can do this again! We were trully staring at the sun:
...and what a glorious sight it was!
...and here's the view down below that wonderful canopy:
 We were basking in the sun, breathing in the wonderfully fresh and pure air:
 ...and running like crazy goats on the grass, and laughing, and singing!!

 Oh I must admitt I terribly miss my darling home:

 ...here Blondi used her artistic talent...normally the fountain is straight!
 ..and my beautiful flowers...
....and my garden, with its wonderful inhabitants:
 Have you had enough? I for once can never get enough of fresh air, beautiful grass, trees, flowers, animals:

...even though Pinky was not that nice anymore after I've finished "styling" him.....poor dog....
...do I detect a malicious grin on Bagy's face??
....oh, here she is doing exactly what I would love to do right now:
see the sunbeam?
If somehow it is not clear what we were up to for a whole week, believe me, if we had more time, we would have stayed longer...as we can never get bored of that air....nor the freedom, nor the joy...nor the distractions....
(p.s. I don't smoke!) as I once said, old habits die hard, we adore having Champagne for breakfast! (and for lunch and dinner for that matter....) Especially Jacqueline!

And in the end here's how the moon looks like from Raca (you should see the stars, millions of them!):

 ...and if in any doubt about those shades, those are we, the two "brujas", dancing and singing at the moon:
...p.s. I'm the pinky one...

That would be all, I don't want to make you wish for summer any longer, as here in Timisoara the fog is getting thicker....
Thank you so much for stopping by! Bisous!!!

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  1. Wonderful pets and wild nature you've got there at Racasdia. I also miss the long and warm summer evenings.. the tons of daylight.. the most welcome torrential rain in the scorching heat.. But let's be happy that spring is closing in pretty fast. :)