luni, 16 decembrie 2013

The Black Widows...

Despite the usual misunderstanding among women, due maybe to too much pride, little time for anything, lack of trust or maybe just because they do not want to be implicated in anything that they cannot fully control, at times we get together and do exactly what we like doing best, standing up for that thing, facing everybody else and showing them just how strong we can be. Together!
We are the girls who decided to show the world that we can be united in our diversity, united through the thing which we love so much: riding! Nothing else matters, we don't care about jobs, salaries, boyfriends, height or weight, tastes or beliefs, we're just here for the ride, and we're enjoying every minute of it.
can't even explain how this photo makes me feel..
On Saturday evening we've introduced ourselves, smiling and happy. We'll do our best to make this our best experience yet. And we love the idea of crazy girls, united despite our differences, proving that it can be done.

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