miercuri, 9 ianuarie 2013

Beautiful Christmas recap

I'm sorry to be so late with photos from our wonderful Christmas dinner, but I get really lazy during hollydays!
So here are some wonderful pics taken by our photo-obsessed friend, Arthur:
Here's Tunde's wonderful Christmas tree, to the embellishment of which we all contributed, even Baby! If you're wondering why her tree, well, I will have to explain that we made a common Christmas dinner, me, mr. M, Arthur, Aura and Tunde (and Baby!). We agreed and bought all necessary items to roast a turkey:
 and the final product looked delicious, and also tasted that way:
and M made a cake, to which process we all helped (me & Arthur especially, by eating the ingredients):
...and Baby was waiting for the potatoes to be ready:
and here's our beautiful table before the beginning:
....and what would a celebration be without a very very good wine?
..and believe me this is not a sponsored post, I just love this one:
       I can trully say that we had a wonderful time, even though we  were tired from all the preparations, but it really felt like we are a small family, which in fact I think we are, since we spend a lot of time together, our "family dinners" have become something very usual to us.
        I truly think I am blessed to have found such friends to share my thaughts with, to share my hobbies with, to spend my free time and love our crazy pets:

 and sometimes pure and simple lay on the couch (or Tunde's fluffy rug) and watch the Cinderella animated movie as we did that night, or a good movie, or motorcycle races or horse races; positioned like this maybe:
I think Baby loves me...
 without feeling like a guest, but more like a part of a small exclusive society which makes us all very happy.

That would be all for today, as I gotta run, but I hope I made you understand a little bit of my ideas about a laid-back atmosphere and what friendship is all about (for me, at least). And I couldn't say goodbye without giving credit once again to our photographer, who made such a splendid job with the photos!
Have a wonderful afternoon and thanks for dropping by!


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  1. I can also say that we had a very wonderful dinner. And the food, well... it was great! And I'm also happy to have such lovely friends near! Thanks to all of you for making it a wonderful Christmas night.
    Love ya!