miercuri, 24 aprilie 2013

mid-week motivational post...

           I just realized I haven't been here for almost 10 days, and it is not because of my new blog, which has also been kind of neglected since I brought my bike home, but because of the bike itself, and me trying to get a grip on my life after all the commotion with its purchase.
           I had little sleep if any these days, and it all got its toll on me, I was and still am kind of exhausted...but I'm getting better, thanks to my decision to eat healthier.
           I am trying to find some inner peace, since otherwise I cannot be happy and live my life to the full. I am trying to listen to nature more, and not only on the computer!
           Last night I felt blessed. Let me tell you why: because, when I was in my kitchen making some food I opened the door to my balcony, and I heard the chirping of some nightingales in the trees that separate the ground my block is on from the city! birds singing at 11.30 in the night! I can't express my feeling of inner peace, you have to live it to feel it, but my heart went out to those few trees that I see as my personal barrier between me and the outer dusty, noisy world. And on top of all that heavenly, godly music, I heard God's signs here, on Earth, made by my fellow humans. The Romanian Orthodox Church has an instrument we call "toaca":
          Now am I not a strange bird? But, above it all, I have to say that those two wonderfully peacefull signs combined, the birds up close and the toaca somewhere in the distance, made me feel like I was somewhere out in a place far away, gave me a strange feeling of inner peace, and I went to bed with my bedroom window open so I could hear the songs untill I fell asleep in a long, profound sleep until today morning. i haven't had such a good night's sleep in a very very long time....

           I know this might sound strange, but my blog here is proof of how moody a person I am, and I think that we all are having cicles, and periods in our life, otherwise this thing we so often call life would be really dull, isn't it??
          And, like Walter Hagan said:

                    “Don 't hurry. Don't worry. You're only here for a short visit. So don't forget to stop and smell the roses.”

         And oh boy is he right! we're in such a hurry to make more and more money, do more and more stuff, that we forget the essential, and that is to do on the spot the thing that makes us happy, because otherwise we will wake up after a long hard working and boring life, that we haven't done really anything for ourselves, only thinking that we will do what we want later....when later??? when you're old and tired and sick???
         I am trying my best not to fall into that trap, and since I acknowledged that, I think I am on the right path...and in the end here's an inspiring and calming video:

        I wish everyone I know, and to everyone I don't know especially, a wonderful day, and a wonderful week, and most of all, a wonderful life!

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