vineri, 29 martie 2013


           Yesterday Tunde came to my place for a "working party"...that is she boiled eggs and coloured them and I cleaned up so that our guests will find everything in place...
           Of course I forgot to take pictures of the eggs, which btw turned up really nice, but I solemnly promise to take some and share, and the working party was all in progress when we had an addition: Pusi, who came to support us! M bought her a lemon beer and us a bottle of good wine

and we were at some point listening to this:
over and over again. It has a nice vibe to it, like it gave us the necessary energy to work and finish what we intended to's strange what a good song can do....
          I especially love the part where Pink gets the guy by his nech and crashes him onto a table and he's all purple after that where her hand was...I don't know why that really works for me....
         I just realized I haven't said anything about my crazy roommates:
Sheeba watching spoiled Jackie with contempt
Tunde brought them this box:
which now has becom Paris' apple to Eisi and Jackie:
who constantly fight over it....what's this with cats and boxes? the smaller the box, the more they have to squeeze in, the better???
           I've spoken with my sister on the phone just the other day and was struck by my niece's voice! Little Flavia speaks! I'm just so furious that I can't be there and see her evolution! Last time I saw her she barely said "Ana", now she's speaking!! still not all intelligible, but most of it!!!
           They've both grown so much! It's just like they were this small:

only yesterday! time flies by so fast!
             That is just the reason why I am doing my best to live my life to the max and do everything I dream of doing, because time passes by anyway, why not feel you're alive????

Have a wonderful weekend, I know I will!

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