luni, 25 martie 2013

Happy National Day

to Greece!
I just heard this morning on the radio that it is the "birthday" of one of the most beautiful countries, the one I was obessed with as a child.

So I thaught to wish a Happy National Day to all the Greeks!

            I was early on inlove with Greek culture, Alida, Geanina and I were always reading the Iliad, the Odysey, the myths and legends of old Greece and we knew each and every god and hero, what they did and all their beautiful stories. I will have to re-read my ponderous tome about Greek mythology some day,

just to see how will my grown-up eyes "see" these wonderful stories again.
In my "journeys" on the Internet I came upon this wonderful site:
which is very very useful. I've been reading here and there and it is really wonderfully done.
          And of course I will go and visit Athens and Crete and all the wonderful places I've been reading about.
 has many interesting documentaries about Ancient Greece, which I find the more captivating, for they are old.

          In another order of ideas, I rode my wonderful black Pegasus


          We trotted for half an hour almost continously, and although most of the time I was right behind Adina on beautiful Udinee, a nice girl that rides every Sunday with us, at one time I was alone with Mary on the other side of the hall and I just urged her with my legs and by talking to her, and guess what?????  

                            she started trotting all alone!!! 
                           no horse before or behind us!!!!!

          I am starting to love her more and more...I know this is not fair, as I am very subjective now that she's listening to my requests, but I can't help it!! I can't believe she's so obedient! Like, am I talking about the same horse that I thaught was stubborn??

 Where is the horse without a head, which whenever I wanted to turn left or right would just bend her neck like this:
is it just me or doesn't it look like she has no head??

          At one time I might even ride Isis, that is my small secret desire, I must admit,....but right now I am grateful Mary is listening and I can see she recognizes me, as she put her beautiful head, once I stood next to her, on my shoulder. That - I have to admit - melted my heart away like warm icecream....   I even kissed her on her nose! I don't really know what's gotten into her, but I love this new Mary I'm discovering each and every time more!
          I have no photos from yesterday as we forgot to take the camera, we were late and in a hurry, but my muscles ache is testimony for the effort I made is even worser now since we've paused for two weekes. I was even worried that I forgot everything during these past two weekes, but I have to admit I didn't get to feel  panic once I was in the saddle...I was waiting for that moment with to much enthusiasm probably! 
           Except for us trotting all by ourselves and the trainers asking me how I was feeling after that; there's only one event really worth mentioning: Tunde's horsie Carina, sweet and gentle Carina was very giddy and as I didn't believe Tunde last time, when she said that Carina was on the lookout for victims, she kicked us! I mean she kicked me in my right leg, not very hard, but enough to make me think twice about passing by her at less then four meters. Mary only scared a little, and that was probably more because I startled....but we were both ok. 
            After that, we learned our lesson, and just ran away from Tunde and Carina! but they were stalking us! We were amused yesterday, but if this had happened a few leesons back, I don't know how I would have reacted. I had a similar problem when we were that one time at Jebel, but back then the horse didn't touch me.....I think I'm just starting to understand them more..and learn who would have thaught that a horse can kick sideways???? I shurely didn't....

           That would be all, and as a conclusion I would like to wish Greeks around the world all the best and to everyone a happy Monday and a wonderful week to come!

           Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Carina? Gentle Carina? I wouldn't have expected such a gesture either! But if I think more about it, I guess that shows her youth, after all, she'll be six this year.
    I hope you're okay and that you were more scared than bruised.
    And maybe from now on Mery will think twice before following other horses too close.

    1. Yep...I know...we all thaught she's the most quiet and gentle horse at Herneacova...I guess it's just like Olimpia said it: they have good days and they have bad days....