vineri, 15 martie 2013

cold weekend plans...

               I was so dissapointed this morning when I woke up: everything was white! was snowing all night. My first thaught went to my poor trees back at Raca, then I thaught that they were well covered with earth, so they must be well. Anyway, the bad weather will only last the weekend....
             I was invited yesterday by Kousmich to attend the Bookfest in our town, which I totally intend to do:
...and for during the evening I've made reservations for the Cinema; that is we are going to watch:
and I have to admit that it is due to this article.
       As M sold our old car for a very good price I have no means to go to Herneacova, so Mary will have to do without me this Sunday, unfortunately!
        I intend to have a quiet evening tonight, read some, maybe watch a good movie, cook something, and I totally intend to do the same on Sunday, especially if it will be as cold as today!
       This being said, I only want to wish all a nice and warm weekend!

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