luni, 19 noiembrie 2012

Monday spirit....

Well, it's not quite that kind of a louzy spirit, when I feel like doing really nothing, no no, it's another kind of feeling for doing absolutely nothing but being back home listening to Kip Moore:
..or maybe doing something reading this:

oh, I don't think I've mentioned why I was being MIA for such a long time; here are some of my reasons:
and wait,  there's more:

...and yes, I know it's kind of cheesy...but I really enjoyed them. Isn't that what reading's supposed to do?

A....and I've been riding, again! tomorrow I'll have photos, I really have to do something about this riding's too expensive, but I really have to learn it...and that's why I've taken yet another pupil for lessons, German Language this time, even though my time is already limited. So...I have to tutor in order to have some extra order to go riding.....funny thing!
At least I have something to be enthusiastic over the winter, isn't it? as I can't ride my motorcycle...
My next fashionable purchase will have to be riding pants and boots! isn't that nice?? and expensive??? over 150 lei! I just can't ride in my jeans! So I'll have to gritt my teeth, make some more lessons and RIDE!

You've probably noticed the "cowboyish" turn my blog has taken as of late, but don't worry, it's just a phase, or better said a new addition to my many obsessions, it will cool off...eventually!
In the meantime I'm enjoying this wonderful autumn, with awesome colours, not that low temperatures, but we could use a little more fog, have I mentioned I looove foggy evenings/mornings?Yep, I guess it shows I'm an autumn child, isn't it?
Ah, and related to autumn child, has anyone red A game of Thrones series? or have you seen the movie? There's a dialogue, when Catilyn says something about the new knights in Renly Baratheon's guard, i.e. that they are the knights of summer (no connection to my bravery whatsoever, I just rememberd the sequence!). Isn't that a great series, or what?

I'm munching on the last two books, I just don't want to finish the story until I have my paws on the new book. The action is just too nice! I've watched the movie series on vplay two times already, can't wait to see the new series!
If you'd like to find out more about this sereis of books, or any other in fact, just visit shelfari; it's a great source of information on what to read, and what...not to read! As we get more and more crowded, busy, interested, we have less and less time to experiment (or is that just me?) and I prefer to have some recommendations before loosing my time with some book or movie that I will end up reading just because I've started it or watching with my eyes closed (sleeping that is!)!
On another track here's a movie I'd like to see, but as I'm "saving " for the horses, I can't go to the cinema, but I'll rather wait to see if I can find it somewhere online...

I guess all my random thaughts have made you dizzy already, so I'm leaving now...until next time...
and thanks thanks thanks for stopping by!

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