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Shocked and confused...

I mean I know that e-reading does no good service to the printed books....but I didn't imagine that the Amazon would be such a peril...
Wel, this article shows more eloquently than I could ever think of what Amazon trust is really like, and I must say I agree, When downloading free books and reading them on my Kindle I sometimes feel like cheating, and as a lover of the printed word I have to say that I totally support book shops, they actually are my main source of material....as I am an avid book collector. Still, I have to admit that my Kindle allows me to save a lot of money, and if that helps me, an obessed with old books, what would it do to people who don't like collectig?
Well this is a strange and difficult subject, I must admit! As for the thaught of registering my kindle, I had an attempt, but afterwords I decided it would be better to stay offline, and it seems from this article that I was right. How is it possible to sell at an auction your clients database?? hmmm.....It's bad enough that I lost the wonderful initial wallpapers I had on when the kindle was in sleep mode, and now I have to stare at the unsufferable line "register your kindle bla bla..."
I have to admit that I didn't want to think until now at all the bad e-books would cause the editors, but I never dreamt about the other reasons Amazon accused of in this article. I was just glad that people still read books, I never thaught about the consequences this will have in the long term, but of course I wouldn't want to have all my second hand books retailers out of bussiness, not for a million free e-books!
In support of the above, here are some links for my Romanian readers:
 Anticariat Sophia
Anticariat online
Corect books
Libraria online
and although this is not a second-hand book shop, this is the site of my favourite editor, Prietenii Cartii, wherefrom I have almost all the beautiful, leather bound, quality paper collection books which ought to be in every book lover's library! They also have a vast collection of CD's from which I have bought almost all the Classical music ones! I just adore this editor!
Well, I am quite decided not to stop buying printed books, I am just more selective about what I should spend my money on, as I do not think it is worth spending a lot of money on new printed books, when you can get the same content at a better price, even though second-hand.

 Of course there are tomes that just scream to be had, like the ones in my previous post, but apart from that I must add that I think an used book has a story of its own, a personality, as compared to new editions. On the other hand, a full new collection can look mighty handsome in one's library...
...like my Adevarul Muzee Celebre Collection on the top left of my small livingroom library...

On another thaught... here's some cat lovin' for all my dear readers:
 sweet sweet Sheeba
 ..and have you ever seen such a funny cat? she looks lik an alien!
 Oh how I miss Spring!
 ...I know...I know....already??
 ...in fact, I miss my home at Racasdia...

 As for the main idea of this post, what do my readers think? Do you prefer old used books or shiny new ones?
Bisous and thanks for stopping by!

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