vineri, 30 noiembrie 2012

La multi ani de Sfantul Andrei!

As I am Romanian (and mighty proud of it!) I had to write the title in Romanian, because I feel that this Saint, being the patron of our country, and by this meaning that he was the first to Christianize our ancestors, belongs to us more than to others. It's like St. Patrick for the Irish if you wish, only I must say I would love to see my country fellowmen being more enthusiastic.
St. Andrew by Jusepe de Ribera (cca.1616)
also known as 
 Lo Spagnoletto, or "the Little Spaniard"
source: Wikipaintings
But I will talk about religion some other time, since I am decided to make today a lazy day. In this respect I'm just watching some movies, reading some books, and surfin'..............the Internet, of course!

Here's something really nice for fashion lovers:

and something really fascinating for the art/ curiosities lovers as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Bisous and thanks for stopping by!

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