vineri, 23 noiembrie 2012

quiet evening...

It's so nice to have a quiet evening....and the right company makes all the difference...

I like going out..listening to loud rock music, dancing, playing billiards, and our clubhaus provides me with all that during the weekend, usually on Saturday night. But during the week I am the sort of person that doesn't like going out the door once I get home from work. The farthest I like going is at my neghbour, Tunde, or a little bit farther, like 100 meters Alida's. I know....I'm lazy, but in order to explain myself I'll only say this: I like, on the other hand, receiving friends over for dinner. I really like cooking, and when I have guests I like it even more, since I know my food will be appreciated. I know, it's a little bit vain, but I assure you I have only the best of intentions!
As regards to the perfect company on an evening when I am tired, the best recipe would include  of course a friend with similar tastes, something very easy to make and very good: tomato soup (I'm sorry I haven't taken a picture!),then  maybe this:
 or maybe a nice cup of tea:

 an Artmark short magazine to see what's new on the art market; and a romantic book on my kindle (Deeanne Gist- Deep in the heart of trouble; which I've finished, btw!)...
 Ah, and as I am a simple mind...I really enjoy silly simple things, like fluffy coloured socks:
 and what would an evening be without my pets, or at least one of them creating havoc among my papers prepared for my next French lesson?
 I know this photo of Jackie is blurry, but I think it surprises a little bit of her develish character ...
she's the naughtiest cat I've ever seen:

 and Sheeba is the most majestic of creatures: for Eisi, he's the gentlest and laziest lap cat ever born:
...or if I go over to my friend Tunde I enjoy the company of the most spoiled and loving Baby:

 she's a cutie pie:
 And the ultimate ingredient for my perfect kind of evening is watching a movie which I prefferably already seen and liked! I don't have a photo from the movie, but I do have this:
can you guess the movie we've been watching? I've made a new obsession, as you can see from the photo above...and from the following ones; I've started collecting autumn leaves, what I will do with them I have no idea, some kind of arrangements...but what???

 I'm collecting them from the street, while waiting for our ride to work...see how small this cutie is???!!

On another tone, as I feel like sharing more of my crazy ideas about fashion (sic!), and in order to support the fact that I really am the kind of girl to wear sparkle during the day; here's  another office outfit I wore last week:

I have the necklace and earrings set from my sister, Ela, and I love it. It looks massive, but it is so light, it's volcanic rock. I can't wait for Christmas to come, to find presents for my two lovely nieces! It's easier with Teodora, she's big now, I'll buy her some books, I got this idea yesterday from my boss, who received this book for his nephew:
and to tell you the truth, I would like to read it too!!but I am a little preoccupied for the presents I will give Flavia...I have no idea yet what they will be! And for the others,...I still have to think about the perfect gift, I have some ideas for some of my friends...but I still have some time it to early to think about Christmas presents?????
I'm making donuts tonight, and watching the second part of that movie which you probably guessed... with Alida and Tarcea (it feels too strange to write her husband!brrr!)
You all have a wonderful weekend now, and we'll hear eachother soon!
Bisous and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. We occasionally need a relaxing evening with friends. I love your colorful socks.
    Jackie as usual is present everywhere, Eisi is a gentleman in every sense of the word and Sheeba a "lady".

    Wishing you a weekend as can be pleasant and relaxing!

  2. Thank you so much! I hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend too!