miercuri, 7 noiembrie 2012

Wednsday Humour...

Roaming the web for Shire photos I came upon this funny little article, and as you might know from this post, or this older one; I'm into the Hobbit fever once again. It catches me every year...for more than 10 years now, at right about this time of the year...and will keep on until the end of Spring!
This little article comes right on time after this video:
that I watched ever so curiosly last evening, and really enjoyed!
It's interesting to see that the site of the little hobbit village really exists, even though its new inhabitants, nice little sheep, are not as spectacular as the hobbits! It's a shame the owners of the land are not really able to make that into a proper museum, it would be very interesting...even if that far away in New Zeeland. Maybe they can shoot Silmarillion or The Children of Hurin movie in Romania, we have breathtaking sites...and then the museum would be much more accessible! I'd make a pilgrimage each year to that site! I worship these books!!!!
I find it fascinating how they built the sets, and how the awesome views really exist, how their weapons were real, the book that Bilbo was writing in was resting laizily onto the real-life desk while the producer was explaing lots of stuff about making of the new movie! And the costumes, oh my God, the costumes! While watching the three LOTR movies this weekend I started planning how to sew my own elfish gowns...how about that?!
I just can't wait for the The Hobbit movie to hit the cinemas!!! in 3D!!!
Here's also a taste of the magnificent movie to follow:
I say it's gonna make a great addition to my Lord Of The Rings movie collection!

I also finished The Hobbit last evening, why in the world did it take me so long to read it? It's pure and simply awesome! J.R.R. Tolkien was really a genius!
Here's also the happy music of The Shire; it's the only song I've listened to all day long today:

Well, that's enough, you might say, about LOTR! Ok, I'll leave you be for now...but be shure to hear some more about the wonderful history of Middle Earth!
Thanks for stopping by and bisous!

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