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Enough classical music....

...for a lifetime! Exactly that's what I realized today, while re-organizing my CDs! Like a "practical" woman that I am, (cough!cough!) I've bought...and bought...and bought...enough as to open a CD shop today. Since I have way too many CDs in total, I've decided to cathegorize them, so I dedicate today to my largest collection, the classical music one. I'll have to admit that I've started "collecting" from highschool, starting with the Vienna and Salzburg CD boxes, then Opera Arias vol I and II. From the latter I've come to learn "Die Magische Flote" with the part where that woman sings like a bird, and I was so impressed back then that I've remembered it over time...and I still can't forget!
 some close-ups:

 and my new old (??!!) and beautiful vinyls:

Of course that once on a payroll I managed to turn to real collections, and real collectibles:

and thus I am also the proud owner of part of the "In Classical Mood " collection. I stumbled upon it in a supermarket and gave all my food money for a week on all the CDs; unfortunately (or?) this was incomplete, but  still went home the proud owner of nine splendid Cds with booklets:
Powers of Darkness

Fate and Fortune

Fun and Frolic

Love and Marriage

Lives f Passion

Quest for Freedom

The Thunder of War

Great Overtures

Young Romance

Aren't all these booklets exquisite? And believe me, the sound is worthy of the "emballage"! The places these have been recorded in! The books are manufactred in China! Weird, huh? Who cares, as long as they are so fine?
Thanks to the fact that my mother and I were good clients of Prietenii Cartii, we sometimes had enough points to receive for free the biggest part (if not all) of their CDs collections, and thus I came to own these:
....and all the cd boxes on the table above!

Oh Maestro how we miss you! I'd recognize your angel voice anywhere, anytime, anyhow! Yours is the voice I recognize better than any other, yours and Mr. Florian Pittis'. You both filled my childhood with joy! I can't forget how my mother (otherwise a very calm and against noise person!) used to turn the TV to the max whenever Il Maestro was on! Our entire small home, somewhere in a forgotten village, was ringing with his soft timbre! Thank you Mami for inoculating this to me! I miss you soo! If you've met Il Maestro, please tell him I said Hi!
It's amazing what one can do with a relaxed mind...take dozens of pictures for example. I know I'm not the most artistic photographer, I don't have a professional camera, but I'm just at the beginning and I'm going to get better, I promise! If you've read my blog from the beginning you'll notice how gradually- and slow enough- I've evolved (or at least I think I've done so!) from borrowing photos to making my own, from just exposing my ideas to exposing myself and thus expressing myself better.

As I'm a realy lazy person and I really appreciate my own comfort, this photoshoot was not very easy, trying to find a good light with the gloomy light outside, trying to find a good position and all that...as you can see I know all about taking pictures...the practical part is the one that's killing me! So I enlisted three helping hands...ooops...paws...:
but mid-photo session they grew even more tired than I was...and succumbed...Cowards!!!

I think that I managed really well for today, I had some working to do with all the photo-taking..but I think it's worth it. I keep saying "I think this...I think that..." like I'm some kind of authority on these things...well, that is of course not true, but still I have the right to express my opinion...for those who will appreciate it, since this is a very personal blog, you know...!!

I must run back to work...I'm re-arranging my libraries and my CDs as you may have noticed...so...bisous and thanks for stopping by!

What?? without a song???
No!No! here's my today fave:
hi...hi...did you think it would pe a "classic"?????

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