luni, 1 octombrie 2012


Jackie, thank God, is feeling much better!She now eats well, takes her antibiotics without a meow, and also walks better! I am so relieved to see her following me around the house...she's following me everywhere, probably she got very attached to me during these few days of nightmare! I just hope that she will be able to walk just like before, so she can play like she did before....
Here are some pics a few days after the fall:
 so gentle and sweet...

 just look at her eyes!
 ...and here are some acrobatics with Eisidisi, who is huge but so gentle:

 and a scholar too!
 ...and last but not least, here's Sheba used as a mousepad!!!!
Hope you have a great week ahead and don't let your cats alone on the balcony! Especially if they're nasty like Jackie!!!

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