luni, 29 octombrie 2012

big big wish....

Sorry for not posting my equestrian experience from this weekend, I promise to do it tomorrow (I have no photos yet!), but here's something worth reading in my opinion and after my own taste in literature:
This book, written by a Ph.D in philosophy, would probably shed a lot of light on all the exagerated concepts vehiculated lately in literature, which sometimes really anger me. I'd love to read it, so I put it in my must have bookmarks folder ; and when I'll have a little money to spare (about 10dollars, but the shippment costs more than the book!), I will buy it from Amazon, unless (small chances..) I can find it here, or even better, online to read for free!

I think I forgot to show you my last birthday gift! (I know...I's becoming boring...), but I am so inlove with it....
...and here's my new flower pot:

...of course he didn't stop fussing on it until he brought it down with very much noise!!!

Untill I get my hands on the photos of the awsome experience I had on Saturday (won't tell you more, even though I can barely restrain myself...but I want you to see photos!)...
Bisous and thanks for stopping by!

2 comentarii:

  1. AHA!!!!! Inteleg ,creezi un mic suspans!!!!
    Si eu cred ca va fi o carte interesanta,dar cum ne-ai obisnuit ,cu siguranta ne vei da detalii (cand va fi citita).
    Vasul tau cu flori???mie imi place mai mult de EYSIDISI,nu vezi ce dragut pozeaza!!!!!????
    Poseta.............e ffff draguta!!!