joi, 27 septembrie 2012

A new hobby...

As if I didn't have enough on my head right now, I have been obsessing for some time about horses. I want to learn how to ride a horse. These beings look so beautiful and elegant, and I've seen so many movies about the relationship between the horse and the rider that I really really want to try it out.
I'm shure that not everybody likes horse riding, but I still want to try it, although I am.....taaadaaaaa...afraid of horses!!!! I'm afraid of them because they are so big and powerfull, but at the same time I want to learn how to ride one especially because they are huge, muscle-packed animals, with high intelligence and emotions.
Did you know that they can remember things very well? For me it is not like they are some pets you can play with, they are way to big for that! but because they are so big their brain is so big and their hearts too, I feel like the relationship between a horse and its rider is infact a partnership. I mean, apart from the fact that we have opposable thums, how are we superiors to these perfectly shaped animals?
credits: google images

And, just as another thought, they can be so devoted, feature which we tend to lack more and more...Whom do we love except ourselves and maybe our children? I mean unconditionately??
In fact, I'm not keen on learning how to ride right now, I want to get closer to one horse and see if I can build a relationship, if I am up to it.
When I started thinking about riding my own motorcycle I had this feeling that I need this freedom, this feeling of power, of control, and many mixed emotions...but now that next to all that I could add up a relationship with a soul, not just cold iron, I am getting more and more tempted to try it out. I have only two options: I could get even more scared of these huge animals (at my hight of 1.85m almost anything looks huge...) and  forever forget about ridig, or I could fall inlove with the feeling and become stubborn just like I did with my motorcycle.
Well, in order to do that, I must first get closer to a horsie...which is not that easy...since prices here in Timisoara and the surrounding are steep...I mean 1 hour of practice with a trainer would cost me my entire week's meals...I really find it ridiculously expensive and snobbish. Especially since I don't just wanna go and ride and go home...I want to make a bond with a horse, to get to know him or her better and thus know myself better and my bounderies...
As usual, I'm not loosing hope, there must be some way to help around the paddock or what it is called and thus pay less! Now that autumn is here and winter is coming I think I will have the best opportunity to start visiting some horses....I just have to find the right location with the right people....
I would really appreciate tips of any kind, for beginners!

I just have to post this video, which made me smile:
I would looove to ride like that!Notice at some point the barefoot girl on the green lawn with the beautiful horse and beautiful violet tree??That's my kind of paradise!!!

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