miercuri, 17 octombrie 2012

country strong....

I've seen this movie two nights ago....and I totally loved it and related to it in a very personal manner, and I think many of the people I know feel the same.
We all have times when the road is tough, when we feel like giving up....it's the determination to still go on, the pig-headdiness, the strong will not to give up that keep us going and take us ashore....and we all had downfalls, weather we admit it or not!
The most important aspect in your life when the road gets tough is that of your friends....you'll find out then if you did something right or wrong, if people appreciate you for who you are or just wanted something.
I totally recommend this movie, Gwyneth Paltrow has a beautiful voice and I can only admit that I've watched it at first just because of Tim McGraw, who is awesome! And you should listen to this song, that boy can sing!!!!

I took photos of the last of my gifts during the movie...

Giordani perfume from Flori and Roncat wine from Aura& Arthur
  Well, I just received my first photos on my bike, and I thought about sharing them:
 they're made back home in Caras-Severin, near my lovely village Racasdia, so you can see I meant it when I said Romania is beautiful everywhere, I don't even have to get away from home:
 ...and I was so proud of myself for taking my friend Blondi with me for the first time, since the road was a little bit difficult climbing up the mountain with my little bike....
We had a wonderful week at my house in Raca, and that day when we took these photos we went to a monastery where we were so pleasantly surprised that one of the monks there invited us to lunch and the atmosphere was full of  calmness and LOVE! You could sense it everywhere....that love of people, of nature, of beauty...that's my kind of religion!

Well, now it's official, I miss summer! And I'm gonna miss it even more once the weather turns worse....
and here's a glimpse of my work desk....I was so amused to see that Leonardo, the assistant of Kate Reed in Fairly Legal also had an obsession for "embellishing" his desk, even though not quite like me.....

.....and in the end here are some flowers for my lovely readers:

Bisous and thank you for reading!

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  1. Tim McGraw...my new passion! I love the song and can not wait to see the movie:)The pictures are very beautiful, you could put more photos with your "little" bike:P

  2. maybe you'll make a passion for bikes too, andthan we can go on nice trips together!

  3. Minunata inspiratie!
    Imaginile sunt superbe,cu siguranta te-ai simtit intr-o alta lume.
    Se pare ca ai fost o rasfatata de ziua ta,e minunat cand ai multi prieteni.

    1. Intr-adevar, este minunat sa ai atatia prieteni, si e si mai minunat sa ai cui returna aceste sentimente!