sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2012

going home....

....is the one thing that fills me up with joy just thinking about it! I love my sweet little country house, even the bad road leading to it has its own charm for me...I cant wait to be back everytime I leave...
part of the inner courtyard in spring

I've been living in Timisoara for 10 years straight now, but still love my home back in Racasdia. The biggest problem is that it takes me about 2 hrs to get there, the road is really bad on some sections and most of all....my time is very limited. Maybe I've started to many things, but just can't 'seem to find some more time for myself, at least not in summer, when I want to do so many things.
That is why I always read, write, think more in the wintertime....because I'm going straight home from work and do all these things I want to do.
Living in this big town makes time fly so fast that I can't even realize when Monday is gone and Sunday is already here, on the other hand back in Racasdia time is not that fast, I mean I have the time to breathe...maybe my woking schedule does all this to me, but I guess it must also bé the country air back at home thet gives me the energy.
Right now I'm waiting to go back home, play with my sweet dog:
Pinky(please don't ask!!!:D)
and meet my angel nieces:
Teodora and Flavia
my sister and brother-in-law also, of course, and spend some time in my library:
(here's a part of it)
and arrange some books, since I bought a new shelf a few months back and need to organize things a little bit.

Browsing for these photos I came upon this:
it's Sheeba when she was little, with her sister Mishu whom I lost two years ago....I stil haven't got over it and had some doubts about posting this..but I think it's time....
and here is Sheeba one month after we found her:
...isn't she a qutie pie?

Well, I guess this is me, torn between the busy city life and longhing to live in the country....loving to read but being obsessed with riding, I found these funny photos, I have no ideea when I shot them, but I think they explain how I feel right now:

one foot in one shoe and the other one in the other shoe...but that's not that bad, right????

Still,I'm having the best weekend, since I'm going home! and here's a great  song for the road:

So, I wish you all the best fall weekend ever, and let's enjoy the light while we can!
Bisous and thanks for stopping by!

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