marți, 16 octombrie 2012

hit the road......

I have such a state of spirit today that I would like to be anywhere but in my office!! So, I started browsing my hollyday photos, and this is what I came up with:

I have a ton of photos like this ones...Romania is really a beautiful country!
Believe me, I'd rather be in a 500-year- old church:
 or lost in the Maramures Mountains....

...or somewhere on a  terrible road in Brasov county....
 .... I just miss the road...
...and it's probably due to the music I'm listening as of late:
What say you???

Howdy and thanks for dropping by!

5 comentarii:

  1. I like the clip is very funny, I especially love the guy, no clothes no longer sit on it:))
    Indeed, we have beautiful landscapes in Romania so not much chance to explore them, unfortunately.

  2. Oh yes, you can explore Romania, just buy yourself a motorcycle and ride off!!best way!

  3. Oh beautiful pictures! Romania is one of those countries that's definitely on my list of places to visit!


  4. Hmmmmmmmmm,la timpul de afara chiar nu ar fi rea o plimbare ,tara noastra are multe frumuseti ,doar ca nu le descoperim pe toate.
    Ce pot spune este ca eu te voi insoti ,,virtual'' in calatoriile tale!
    ...mi-a placut ce am citit!
    Si inca ceva ma bucur sa vad ca sunt alte persoane din diferite tari care prin intermediul tau descopera tara noastra.