luni, 15 octombrie 2012

New week, new book, new thinking...

Another weekend has passed, we had a great time on Saturday at our clubhaus, and yesterday we went to M's parents' house, where they were so nice and had a small celebration for my birthday. I received yet another gift (this week was awesome, I've received sooo many gifts!!), i.e. a steam iron, which I really need, but poor M was stressed out that I wouldn't like it....he even told me that if it were him who gave me this gift I would have probably hit him with it. And that's true, I expect him to give me something less useful, but more emotionally significant! But this new gift was really very welcome and I am really glad about it!
It's nice to have a birthday, everyone is so nice to you!
Here's what I've been up to lately:


My dear colleagues were my models...and my clients! The most successful was the first bracelet, with the zodiac stones, but I put my heart into every single item, since this is a hobby for me.
I've started a new book, The Ranch by Danielle Steel, I know it's not much, but I'm into easy reading right now, since my schedule is full, and most of all I've chosen this book because I'm into everything "cowboy" right now:
 Ah, I almost forgot:
say hello to my new babies! Aren't they crazy?? and super comfy!!
And here's one more flower (the orchid from our accountants' office) for all your beautiful souls:
 ...and a new beautiful song:

I wish you a great week!

Bisous and thank you for stopping by!

p.s. sorry for the low quality photos, I'm saving to buy a decent camera...until then....

7 comentarii:

  1. I like all the models (both jewelry and girls..:P). I will be a loyal client, so...get ready!
    I love all books written by Danielle Steel, I love her, I recently read a book "Cu fiecare zi", by Danielle Steel and its gorgeous. I like your shoes, and the song....mmm...verry beautiful, especially singer..:P

    Thank you verry much for the jewelry!
    ........and keep doing because you're doing great.

  2. Wow! thanks alot! for being my client as well as for all the encouragements!!!

    Si eu sunt o clienta la bijuteriile tale,normal ca imi plac,pantofii tai ...hmmmmmmm....frumosi ,doar ca eu nu pot purta asa,,toace''):):

    I read books only in Romanian-Mostenirea.....!!!!!!
    Imi place mult aici la tine!

  4. Ma bucur mult ca va place sa ma vizitati!!!

  5. You have lovely accessories! And the shoes are awesome!! =)

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