vineri, 7 septembrie 2012


At last it's friday, after a hell of a week, and not in the good way!
       But fortunately this weekend I will have some time for myself and catch up with some things I've been missing, like the 4th book of A song of ice and fire, Latin and my sweet lessons blog, which I inted to update alot.
        I am also going to Raca, to meet my sister and my two lovely nieces, Teodora is going to school!!! first grade already! I can't believe how fast they both grow, Flavia is already saying my name! and a few other words which sound so qute!!!
       I've already bought some presents for school for Teodora, sweet Le Petit Prince notebooks, special for Ist grade, pencils, colouring pencils,a pen, all very sweetly coloured so that my brilliant niece will love school!
       For the start in this huge journey which school is, I whish you, Teodora,  all the best, the curiosity to know everything, te desire to be the best, the power to learn from the good and to be yourself without hesitation!   one day she will be big enough to read these words!

      On another note (sic!), today my favourite and only radio station is celebrating it's 20th birthday! I'm so inlove with this station and its presenters with their great knowledge and beautiful soft voices that I've even posted a small article on ! I'm shure life would be such a lonely and dull place without this genre of music!
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Love you Classic Fm and Happy 20th Birthday!

Have an awesome weekend,

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