luni, 10 septembrie 2012

There is much pain in knowledge

All my life, or as long as I can remember I've dreamed of being born in another time, long befor today. Just now have I realised that if it had been so, I would have probably been dead by this age, or my spirit would have been at least. I can't imagine my life without my books, without curiosity and desire to know everything. I can't imagine I would have been otherwise, even if born 2.000 years before. Just now have I realised how the life of a woman from as near as the dark ages would have been; a woman wanting to learn would have been hated, and maybe  even stoned to death, if lucky. How is it that, blinded by my love for ancient books, have I not realised until now that I would have probably had no access to them? Why is it that the religion I was born in and I truthfuly believe in pushed women aside? why were we denied knowledge? I have only one answer for it: "Because truth will  set you free!"




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