marți, 25 iunie 2013

Irish inspiration...

Speaking of leprechauns in my last post inspired me, and I went looking for some movies with this kind of caracters, and so I stumbled upon this movie:
which enchanted me pure and simply through its lanscapes! The beautiful green of Irish grass! Have I mentioned that Ireland would be the only country I would move to, if I was ever to leave my darling Romania?
The story is such a preety American from New York comes to Ireland on holyday, in fact he comes here to check-up  the cottages, and see if a holyday resort would have any success there, ment for stressed Americans...
Of course he finds out that the cottage he lives in has its own two leprechauns, Seamus and his wife Mary, as well as their no good son- Mickey. I say no good son, but in reality, as leprechauns are mischievious, naughty and always up to no good, and it looks like that is a good thing for leprechauns to do...
It also looks like from this story that leprechauns are in an eternal quarell with fairies, and they even start a war when Mickey "kidnapps " the fairie princess, Jessica, the daughter of the fairie king. In fact, the two fall deeply in love (ahhhhhhh!) and run away together, but they are forced to come back when they realize that they are the cause of the war.
The symbols in this movie are very interesting; Mother Nature is a tree that, once the war starts and the fairies don't look after the plants, starts to wither, suffers because of the hatred and slowly starts to die. Once the feud begins, fairies and leprechauns start dying when they fight, and vanish, and the Grand Banshee, that is the supreme authority on earth among them, takes them. This Grand Banshee is an owl-woman, and is played by none other then the wonderful Woopi Goldberg!
I was also soooo pleasantly surprised to recognize the river dance I so love from  the Lord of the Dance! Whenever the leprechauns had a party...they would dance that dance which I so love! There are these girls with red hair and green dresses that move their feet as if they are flying feries!
Absolutely fabulous!
But back to our story, in the meantime our american, Jack, falls inlove with a beautiful local girl, Caitlin, and after a few bumpy adventures, she starts loving him back. they both help Mickey and Jessica end the war of the leprechauns vs fairies, and help restore Mother nature to hel blissful status!

If you're in the mood for romantic, wonderfully childish, extremly amusing and wonderful green landscapes, this is a movie for a quiet afternoon with children...or just yourself! I for one, loved it, while I was yesterday alone with my cats...who were doing something like this:
...tearing the box and filling my room with small-small pieces of paper...Jackieeeeeee!!!

On another note, please allow me to brag about my new books:
that I just received today.
Quietude by Eckhart Tolle- in French!
Teach yourself to meditate-Eric Harrison- English version
Divinely ispired stories(??)- Swami Shivananda- Romanian version

I can't wait to read them all!

on the same page, I found out about this book:
...which I totally bookmarked in my "to have" folder!

All this being said, I whish everyone a wonderful week!

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