sâmbătă, 1 septembrie 2012

Saturday morning happy feeling...

I'm writing ....I'm writing.......! I woke up this morning suddenly with these two verses of T. Arghezi ringing in my head:
"Nu-ti voi lasa drept bunuri, dupa moarte,
Decat un nume adunat pe-o carte".

and my translation would look like this:

Upon my death I only leave thee
A written name- a book upon.
                                                        (this translation is my own and I assume it as is!)

This will be the starting point of my new adventure....

This whole thing about writing...it is all infact about self confidence, about the fear of what others will say; or if they will mock you or admire you. Both will bring such intense feelings within you that it is worth trying, even just for the sake of the feeling; to express yourself. This is infact expression: testing the waters, in order to see the judgement of others. You may say that you are writing for yourself, and it is true, but then you would be only writing down ideas- after all it is you who created them in your mind, so you should be able to remember them. But no, you are expressing yourself nicely, with well thaught words, which shows that you like eigther defying or delighting others.
I'm also somewhere inbetween those two feelings; and so I will continue writing until I will have it figured out.

As you can see, I'm feeling much better than yesterday, my sales are up and I have started voyaging again! Have a wonderous weekend!


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