miercuri, 26 septembrie 2012

Crazed day....

I am very very very desperate today since Jackie took a plunge from our balcony last night...she's at the vet right now, because she can't properly use her hind legs. She was so desperate last night because it hurt when she tried to walk, she even bit me when I tried to stop her from walking!
She slept with us in the bedroom, under our bed, and poor Eisi came by the door many times during the night calling for her! He's so caring! If it weren't for him, I probably would have realised that she's missing much to late. I tried to take her to the vet last night, but it's ridiculously expensive to use pet ER. So we had to wait until this morning.
Half the night I peted her so she would't feel alone, and the other half I spent almost sleeping, namely looking at her each time she turned. She broke my heart the way she looked at me, holding my hand between her small paws!!!
I really hope nothing will happen to my poor little crazy cat!
Here's the cuteness in person:


and here she is with her savior:
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Oh God I hope she gets well and can play again with Eisi like that!!!!!

27.09.2012 Update: She's feeling better, but I am still on my toes...I hope she'll be ok, but we still have to watch her closely for a few more days. She actually did break the last vertebra of the spine right where the tail begins...that's why she couldn't move her legs without hurting, but today she already walked better. I don't know if she will use her tail again though...maybe yes. The most important thing right now is that we keep her under surveillance so in case of internal trauma signs....which could be fatal. But we are a little more confident today...the vet also said that he thinks she will recover nicely, let's pray God!

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