vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

Instead of.....

...a post about this:
as I've taken quite a bunch of photos of my dear old (and valuable!) books in my library; or at least about this:
being the present I've received from this handsome guy in a suit:
...who was for Weinachtsfeiern in Munich with his work colleagues...instead, I forgot the data cable for unloading some really nice pics from the camera...and I had to make due with blurry photos from my phone...still, the best photos, who really tell something and mean something are the ones taken at unawares, when you or your subjects (hua hua hua) have no clue that you will be photographed and end up on my blog here, like my friend here:
 ....and I just had to add this one; see the teeth????:
...and after a good playtime, the most spoild doggy on Earth:

...whom everybody loves, spoils rotten and holds in arms, although she's preety heavy!!! (I'll have to ask Tunde how much she weighs... for she loves to climb in your arms when you sit on your chair at the table, one foot, or maybe both slipping from under her, because- truth be said-, preety soon she'll be taller than me when she'll sit on her hindlegs...) Baby:
...who will soon be a huge baby...I wonder if  Tunde thaught about this...that she'll grow up and won't be a tiny baby puppy anymore when she named her....well, she's a sweety pie! just like my roommate here, whom I found like this when coming home from work a few days ago:
or ....
 ...the softest cat alive...
..or the nastiest cat alive looking soooo innocent:
..or stupid:
or funny:
I whish you all a happy happy weekend, warmth and love; as for me, I only whish... see these guys again...
 Thank you for stopping by and lots of bisous!

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