marți, 18 decembrie 2012

black beauty reloaded...

As I still have so many photos from  our riding day on Saturday, made by Arthur (just hope he won't ask me to pay for them after I become famous!), I thaught to post some more, as we are going back on Sunday and I don't know what I will be able to do by then...all I know is  I'm going to watch THE HOBBIT (!!!!!) tonight!!!

And here is the guard doggie at Herneacova, who greeted us when we first arrived there:
...he's a sweet mut, must give him that!...then here are some of the other horses, who are sooo wonderful and loving:

I guess she's the "nasty" lady we were afraid to touch the first time...
It's really amazing how these beeings can be so expressive...
...and majestic!
Here are some more photos of the lovely Black Beauty at Herneacova that I was so lucky to ride that I still can't believe it:

trying to convince her to go forward

after a good pull of the head showing who's boss we started moving
 Here's me and Tunde running from Aura after we found out that her Carina might bite....
and me talking to the nice trainer, Olimpia:
...and I must have done something wrong at this moment, (I've been studying the photos alot, to see when I make mistakes, as when I am up in the saddle I am completely when I was told to keep my back straight, otherwise I might loose my teeth ...) as I don't find Mary's posture too natural....:
is it just me, or she looks bothered by my command to turn left?
All in all, I really like this photo...I don't my eyes it looks like I know what I'm doing (obviously, I don't):
She's a beauty from every angle, isn't it???? I love her, even if I might never get to ride her again, I felt so priviledged to do so....

In the end I just want to show you a glimpse of what I want to be able to do:
...see how she flies?? that's what I want to be able to do, no fence jumping, no show riding, just fly! No special fancy equipment, just a western saddle and a cowboy hat (but no blue jeans, as I learned the hard way they're not very comfy for horse-riding....).

In another order of ideas...I woke to a strange sound last night coming from our bathroom, and here's what I found:
 caught in the act of poking holes in my winter slippers....
I almost forgot to tell you that I played Santa last's the final packaging...and not without some effort:
and a little peek inside:

the snake who swallowed an elephant and looked like a "chapeau"

The famous Little Prince

 this 1999 edition I found holds the reproductions of the original cartoons made by the author in the 60s
Tunde saw my mesmerized look at the book and promised to lend it to I'll be keeping her to that promise!

With the soon-to-come Hollydays in mind, but most of all right now thinking of The Hobbit in 3D I humbly thank you for stopping by!

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