sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012

First snow...

is already here! M woke me this morning to tell me that it was snowing. And while I'm writing this, like half an hour later, it still does! I really like snow...but only to watch it from a cozy, warm and fuzzy place. I sometimes like snowballs fight...but very seldom...

Well, inside we still have some green:

see the green stump right in the middle? this photo was taken 3 or 4 days before, and now:

 now isn't nature a glorious thing?
 my fern had a little baby:
 ...and despite all Eisidisi's efforts to eat it, this beauty still has flowers, remember her from my birthday?
It is so wonderful to have so many things to care for....my boyfriend, my three cats and my two cats back at Racasdia and Pinky my pekineese, and also my flowers out there...but also these beauties out here...I must admit that until this year I really wasn't the flower-loving kind of girl...but then..I wasn't either the horse-ridig kind of girl, the three- cats-in -one-apartment kind of girl...etc...Many changed, and shure as hell that many will still change around me, inside me...in my mind....
I also made some re-arrangements within my beautiful library:

 ...yes...that's Brad Pitt...an old notebok...

And what would this blog be without my cats?? a boring waste...as they have more to say than me:
 Sheeba the gymnast...
Eisi the beautiful sleepyhead:
or Jackie- the crazy stalker:
That would be all for today, folks...happy snowy (if the case!) weekend!
Bisous and thanks for stopping by!

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