joi, 20 decembrie 2012

Light in our homes!

Today is my last day of work this year, and as I don't know how soon I will have time or the means to post again, I would like to whish everybody a Merry Merry Christmas, full of light and joy!
Here are some pics from my desk at work:
love this small house!

my coffee can

gotta love this duck!

festive, isn't it? ...and crowded :D.
I'm going tomorrow to my nieces' birthday at Resita, can't wait to play with them! I will post some photos of the presents, as soon as I can make some.
 Until then, I can't wait to have fun with Teodora and Flavia, the birthday girls, to go to our biker's Christmas Dinner and to visit Mary at Herneacova, of course, on Sunday!
Thank you so much for stopping by!

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