miercuri, 19 decembrie 2012

Today we're listening to Mozart..

...because I've received this wonderful CD from Cami:
she got it as a present by ordering a book from Reader's Digest and she was so sweet as to give it to me, knowing I can never have enough classical music CDs. Thank you Cami!!
            And I just realized, not without a serious amount of shame, that I forgot to mention the fact that my riding pants from my previous two posts are my Christmas present from Tunde and Aura! Thank you girls also! And the vouchers for riding at Herneacova are my present from Markus! I love Christmas!
           And I also loved The Hobbit, which I've watched last night in 3D at the cinema!!! I've even kept the popcorn box, as any other promo material was long sold out:

Awesome! I didn't blink for three hours! I've been expecting to watch this movie for over a year now, and I wasn't dissappointed, I adored everything, from the costumes to the soundtrack:
     I was with Tunde, Alida and Tarcea to see the movie (thank God Alida knew whom she was taking to the movies and took an extra pair of 3D glasses as I-of coourse- forgot mine!), and I've come back home with my close neighbour Tunde, opened a bottle of good wine and listened to the above soundtrack over and over again!
       I'm really not in the mood for critique (be it a good one) of the movie, but I must have dreamt of the dwarves last night, I woke so lighthearted...
       I haven't posted photos of my three children for some time now, so I think this is a good timing:
spoiled brat/rat!

plain lazy bones!

we were watching a movie...

this is a rare event!


I have no idea which side is up on this one...


He doesn't have this stupid face quite all the time...

and I found this one on my phone(I have some nice photos on my camera, but OF COURSE I forgot the cable back home!!!):
Baby, oh baby!
That would be all for today, as I've got to run, much work to be done! (wow, it rimes!) Thank you so much for dropping by!

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