luni, 21 mai 2012

High spirited Monday...

         For some time now I didn't have enough time for myself, but this weekend was awesome! I slept as much as I could sleep (not more than 9 am, of course...!), I cooked yummy food, I went to the museums (not all of them but still I visited 3 sites on the intinerary!), I've read alot, and of course, I helped M. to prepare for the exams...
         We started out as four girls...we visited the Art Museum, The Metropolitan Cathedral religious art exhibition (extraordinary old books and old painting from churches! and the best of it was the location, underneath the Metropolitan Cathedral!), and the old St. Theresia bastillon, where I and the last one of the girls (still standing after some marching...) was able to go up on the old city wall and take pictures, and bathe in the sun, and roll in the grass. Well....I didn't quite roll in the grass, I was dressed in light blue jeans and white shirt...I would have been a sight to remember! But still, we felt like on forbidden ground when we stepped out on the wall, all the people below staring, seeing half the city from up was exquisite! I felt a little like Jon from A Game of Thrones and his Wall! (Yep...I'm still obsessed by it!)

            Not to mention that yesterday we finished up the weekend in a friendly atmosphere...we (I and M.) had reinforcements from Blondi, who came to help with M.'s essays, so we were all three working, untill I finished the essay I was making and started reading, and then we had some more friends to visit us....and it was a quiet evening in the end....all aligned on the sofa, watchin Iron Man 2 on the TV (I know....I know....not the best movie that I have already seen it...but it's the croud that matters!)

        In another order of ideas....I am going tonight at 19.00 o'clock to watch a black-and-white silent movie (Un oras isi cauta criminalul (1931)), more info here:

p.s. those are freshly-made photos from this mornig in my office, my beautiful Japanese rose!


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