luni, 14 mai 2012

new aquisition...

credits: Ed. Insitutului Biblic
        This new wonderfully written (I took a smal peek....)book has joined my big family today. Don't let yourself fooled by the biblical origin, it is much more than that!
       "The Lausiac History (Historia Lausiaca) is a seminal work archiving the Desert Fathers (early Christian monks who lived in the Egyptian desert) written in 419-420 by Palladius of Galatia, at the request of Lausus, chamberlain at the court of the Byzantine Emperor Theodosius II."

 An extract from it:

        "In the fourth and fifth centuries of our era Egypt had come to be regarded with great reverence throughout Christendom as a Holy Land of piety.
          Pilgrims came from all parts to visit the saints who lived there, and several wrote descriptions of what they saw and heard, which are among the most interesting documents of the early Church. Palestine was so near that it was usually included in their tour; the glamour of its sacred sites, which remains with us still when that of Egypt has faded into oblivion, was already potent. But Palestine was clearly second to Egypt in the affections of the pilgrims."

       (Both the description and the excerpt are from Wikipedia, the photo is the cover of my edition, taken from: 

        I also bought my Boethius and Salvianus book from this site, remeber? I told you they had cheap books, this one costed 10.80 lei, and even the post tax is smaller by 2.50 as compared to other printing houses who charge 8 lei or more for sending books to you.
        I will let you know about the content of this new book in another post, after I'll finish A game of thrones....
Until next time...bisous!

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