vineri, 22 februarie 2013

my week so far...

Sorry for the silence, it just looks like the whole world (and stars, and planets...etc...) is against me, so that I have hardly time to read, let alone to I'll be brief once more, like all my posts as of late....
I've been terribly missing my sweethearts:

and Flavia
..they are my little sunshines!
I had lots and lots of healthy and tasty good food (mostly cooked by Tunde, I've been very lazy!)
yummy fish in salt crust

beans and corn and carrots...

cherry tomatoes....

and Romanian yummy green salad
....made for a great salad...but of course that after we've finished preparing the salad I forgot to take pictures of the finished product (we were too hungry!)
Of course, I'm not a saint, so we had some cookies too!!!
bottom left one squished by Tunde's bag!!! :D this very good one I bought for Valentine's for Tunde and Markus....He was working so I spent my evening with Tunde....but here's what I found on my table when coming home from work:

Domeniul Coroanei -Tamaioasa Roza(a noble wine!)
...and of course he had a present from me too:
Valentine's aside, I hardly get to see my boyfriend during the week, so thank God for cheap phone subscriptions! On the other hand, it gives me more time to spend with my friends and their wonderful pets:
guilty Baby in her mommy's arms

 you can see Tunde's dwarf arm compared to huge Baby
Did I mention Baby weighs 25 kilos???????????????????????????? HUUUUGE Baby!
Milli- Aura's kitty and her huge ass :D

Milli visiting Tunde's couch
I have to mention here that Milli is trully the only cat I fear on this planet (of course I mean house cats, and not include lions, tigers...etc...:D) as she is somewhat menacing...she doesn't like me and she senses I am afraid of there is always a tense atmosphere between us 2...and as you can see from my photos...I am keeping a safe and healthy distance!
Last Sunday, as we, the three riders, went to Herneacova, the guys (and here I mean my M and Tunde's M plus Tunde's M's friend (?!?),  mr. U; as Arthur was MIA coming home from the first bikers' festival this year- Bikes on Ice) were Baby-sitters (:D) and went shopping and then cooked pasta and fish for us (which of course I forgot to photograph!), and my M made yummy apple pie:
...and I took these Photos because he reminded me...otherwise...
the final product

And during the week we also tasted Tunde's red Porto:
...and it was gooood!
 ...and ate some super duper tasty horses....
..of gingerbread! Nice, huh?
I have to run but not before telling you that myself...
 ..and my wacky cats...
wish you much quiet for a good sleep...
and a super duper happy weekend!

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  1. The weekend is finally here ! :) Hooray to one more riding lesson to come ! :) Kisses !
    Oh, and of course, I enjoyed reading your post!