miercuri, 27 februarie 2013

some truths...

I've been reading Crisis Magazine for a few months now, and I really like and approve with much of what it says. Here's what I've read today, with highlight on the parts I find to be deeply and sadly true:

The Church has far to go to realize its potential to inspire and educate its own flock.
Benedict’s promulgation of the Year of Faith is meant to be a call for Catholic rejuvenation. Crisis will do its part to build up the Body of Christ. The work of the Church, however, is never complete. The challenges to faith are as grave as ever.

Our culture has largely lost its Christian character. We now speak of the twenty-first century as a post-Christian era. The press, academia, and, more ominously, the state conspire together to remove every remaining vestige of religious expression from public life. (....) And now freedom of conscience is under assault.

John M. Vella
Crisis Magazine


Today is the last day Benedict XVI- Joseph Ratzinger- is Pope, he will be Pope no more starting with 8.00 am tomorrow. I don't know why it gives me the shivers... 
source: dailymail.co.uk

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