vineri, 8 noiembrie 2013

I hate A Game of Thrones!!!

I'm really hurting right now! because my second favorite character is probably dead, I hate him for being so stubborn and letting himself get killed, just as I hate George R.R. Martin for killing him, and not being quicker about writing book 6!!! So I hate everybody today, I'll bury myself in writing and I'll refuse going out, as I'm in mourning for my fave character!!
Remember this site?
here's how I fell right now:
as if it wasn't enough that I'm totally sleep deprived for more than a week now...
...and as if I haven't made this face yesterday evening....
...I was so pissed, that I refused reading more.....I went to visit my friend neighbor...but when I cam back home....I couldn't help myself of course, and today I'm....
and I can't think straight, all my colleagues back at work were like:

so I'll probably die of hunger/ I can't work on anything....!!

So should I continue on this matter?
For the ones who haven't yet read the first book of the A song of Ice and Fire series: DON'T!!!!!! please don't!!! it's viral, and you'll end up just like me, crying and disappointed, sleepless nights and a feeling of helplessness...why, oh why!?!?

For the ones for which my advice comes too late: Romanians, you can find the Nemira 40% off offer here (below and on the right side), I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world...
For the Others (ooops!! the ones who've read some of it know!!! :D:D:D) see my up and right offers, from Amazon!
For all of you English speakers out there, who happen to have a Kindle, (or if you want to buy one see my amazon cravings again!) I have all the 5 books in e-format!! Yuppie! just don't tell anybody OK? write a comment below with email address and I'll send them!! but shhhhhhhhhh!!
I know I'm disappointing some by not telling what I discovered in the end of A dance with dragons, but I really don't like spoiling the fun....I'll soon write a review, not giving everything away...
Until then..

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