luni, 11 noiembrie 2013

beauty and the darkness...

Last evening, while watering my flowers that I have to keep in obscurity because of my three dragons who would chew at anything green and leafy, I had a shock:
...this poor little thing, so beautiful I eyes filled with it had flowered in darkness, the little red beauty cramped between the pot and the window...and I have been so distracted lately that I haven't even seen it make buds.....I tend to ignore so many things lately...just need to get back on the heck could I miss this? my poor flowers need much more light, one of them lost all the leaves, but her rose-like buds still flowered....
I knew this flower doesn't like straight light...but to make this flower so cramped up that its petals are twisted...woooow!
Oh nature, how strange can you be?? and how can you make beauty from even the worst situations ever??

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