luni, 16 septembrie 2013

fulminating progress.....

Don't worry, I haven't been promoted at work or something, and haven't yet found the client to pay me 1 $ pro word, but I did make some pregress, and I have to confess it was some time ago, but didn't feel like sharing until now. What made me change my mind? I am now really enthusiastic because of what it can do, and that will probably more than 100% sure make my readers laugh, but I'm so happy with the new development that I just had to share it....
As some of my friends already know, from my ongoing tribulations with my new and improved telephone, which I could hardly master in the beginning (apart from taking pictures, and even downloading them was a real puzzle!) I've finally purchased my first smartphone: Nokia Lumia 610. Not expensive nor very fancy, I liked it because it is a Nokia and because it looked nice, being also significantly less expensive than other models, whom scared me with complicated and unfamiliar menus (I just have to add here I never had any other cell phone than Nokia ones...) and steep prices. I've read some negative thoughts about my new phone, but it was good enough for what I needed: an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning and a battery that would hold on through an entire day of talking.....wel...not literally talking all day on it, but I do use it alot, as it's a work phone...and also to take nicer pictures than my old phone, which I still have for back-up. And I decided this phone was ok, and I do like it for all those reasons. What I've discovered this past few days however made me fall in love with it and with smartphone technology in general: I was able to download an app and listen to my beloved Classic FM in my bed!!! Now if that's not a triumph of technology, apart from my Kindle- which is the height of all heights in that field-, then I don't know what is!
Far from me the tought of making this post a review of the Noklia Lumia 610, as the only device I could ever write a real review on is my beloved Kindle, but I did write these words in order to applaud this app thingie.... that made one of my evenings a very happy one. As many millions of lucky people out there, I do own a laptop, and I know how to use it, but I feel horribly about bringing it to bed with me; so this cool application on my little phone is a blessing! I can now read a good book lying in my huge bed and listening to wonderful music! Now that's what I call total relaxation!

I hope everyone finds delight in such simple things, that make our lives a little more worth living!

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