marți, 10 septembrie 2013

Their story...

Once upon a time.....there was a messy castle....where three step siblings lived. They were all from different families adopted, but were equally loved and cared for. Two girls and a boy they were, one bigger sister, the boy in the middle and the other girl, the little one, came much later to their home, and almost by mistake. They had very good parents, which unfortunately were not spending enough time with their children, as much as they would have loved to.
And so the three siblings were most of the day alone, unchaperoned and doing all kind of crazy stuff, so that when in the evenings the parents would come home, the entire castle was with its up side down...
And as if messing things up wasn't enough, they would even stumble and fall at times, hurting themselves and scaring their mother half to death.
As much as they loved one another, they were al three very different; the bigger sister was gentle, more obeying and would try and stop the others from doing crazy stuff, but she would always become the victim of their pranks. She was very elegant and discreet, silent and extremly beautiful, being very loved and admired by absolutely everyone coming to visit their parents.

 The middle boy was big and plumpy, long and lazy, but once he put his mind on doing all kinds of crazy demolishing tricks, nothing would stand in his way. He was also very attached to his mother, who was always taking his side, no matter what new silly stuff he would have done.

And then there was the youngest girl, not to preety, nor too bright, very crazy and never listening, never being afraid of anyone or anything. She would have accidents often enough so that her parens were never letting her outside the castle alone, and never lost her out of their sight. She would always do crazy stuff and was the laugh of the county when she set her mind to it and her parents were giving a party and she would entertain the guests......

While the bigger sister was soft and elegant, the boy was sleepy and couldn't really focus on anything, except sleeping all day long, the young sister was as violent as she was crazy, beating and cheating the other two any time she could....
They would fight very often, the smaller one almost always winning....but they still loved each other dearly and supported each other at the end of the day!

:D I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the three brothers' story...stay tuned for real adventures!

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  1. I love this post!
    I hope that "the kids" are doing well and aren't doing any new dangerous stunts, though.