miercuri, 25 septembrie 2013

The Prince and I......

Myself and M, as well as our three "children" make the best out of this golden autumn and try to be as pozitive as possbile about the upcoming winter, althoug our motorcycle rides have become thinner, since in the morning the air is very crisp.
Yesterday an the day before I felt too cold in the morning to go to work on my bike, and so M took me with our car, but today, as my balcony thermometer was showing off 13 degrees Celsius, I decided I needed a little bit of air. And the truth is my heart and my mind are both lighter after I'm having even a short ride in the morning...I can't explain it why, maybe it's all the oxygen I'm having...maybe it's even a crazy feeling for my bike, but all in all, bikers do suffer during cold, wet and snowy winters...
Here's our "son", his royal highness Prince Eisidisi,  making the best out of a wonderful morning...

I think saying I worship him is a little to ...little said...I adore him! he's my soft and gentle boy!

I hope everyone can find such a wonderful soul that will love you unconditioned!

2 comentarii:

  1. Ploaie, vant, soare, ninsoare..... bikerii rezista!!!:))

    Ce frumos sta la poze "copilasul" tau...un pic cam obosit...sau...somnoros...

    1. Nu-i obosit, asa e el somnoros de la mama natura...e un mic lenes....da' ii place si lui la soare....:D