marți, 24 septembrie 2013

new crush....

I pure and simply fell in love with this blog and her tumblr account! and since I saw the owner wasn't mad with people borrowing photos from her blog, as long an the source is given, I just have to share some of the wonderful autumn photos out there!

How is it that girls look always sexier in long skirts and with a book in their hands???
There is definitely no other place I would love to be more than in this cabin in that foggy forest!! Have I mentioned I looove fog?!

I was about two autumns ago with M on his old bike on the road...we were going to a late biker festival that year...and on the road darkness crept on us...and I had the chance as a passenger to fully enjoy such a moon...when I saw this photo I instantly remembered that night!! I love it when there's a huge moon! But which romantic girl doesn't?
 How would it be like to wake up on a chilly autumn morning to this view???

I have to re-watch the Game of Thrones series!

It's either the fact that we are all dull people, all thinking the same way, all having the same tastes, or these photos just send chills down my spine, and yours, because they are so awesome! Which one could it be???


p.s. all photos are from the above-mentioned blog. access it for further details on the sources! thank you!

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