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As in any other country, our people has ancient stories about fairies, supernatural creatures of all kind, dragons and so on...
And like in many other traditions, a part of the local legends was transfferred once Christianism came. But that would make another story. Today I only want to point out our special holyday, the Sanziene night, and if you've paid close attention to Lord of The Rings, there is a passage when Gandalf or Sauron say something about the Uruk-hai crossing the river Isen on mid- Sanziene night...that's all I remember..but I guess that others have this holyday also...
The idea is that here, in Romania, on Sanziene night, it is believed that some beautiful girls, each called Sanziana, will dance around in a circle, on the ground, or in the air. They are some kind of fairies, under the form of beautiful young girls, and they are dancing in hidden places, in forest clearings untouched by man. If, by any chance, someone sees them in their dance, that person goes mad or mute. But they are not bad spirits, but good, and bring wealthy crops, and it is said that on the Sanziene night all plants that have a healing power grow stronger.
         It is also believed that if they are not honoured as they should be, or if these do something wrong, then they get mad on the people and punish them, as they love justice above all.
         There's so much depth to this legend that it would take me alot to explain all the traditions and customs Romanians have on this day, it is important only to know that this is a significant holyday, coming from ancient times, from our geto-dacic ancestors,  before Christianism came here, but people here managed to combine it to the new religion and not loose its purpose, that of determining men and wemen to do good.

It is especially because people are forbidden to meet the Sanziene, that there is a huge attraction to go into the forest on that special night, and of course I am no exception. There's something magical and superstitious and frightening about this night, so M and I went into the local forest on Monday night, just about after midnight, but I have to confess we were afraid to enter the clearing, but not because of the Sanziene, but because of the snakes or whatever other animals and insects would be crawling in that tall grass. And we were right not to do so, because as we were standing right at the entrance, some dogs started running, and I would be lying to say I didn't get scared.....:D....but only a little bit!
Anyway, just the other day, as I was going home on my bike on the belt-road of Timisoara, I sensed the smell of the Sanziene flowers...and promised myself to pick some the next day...yesterday I almost forgot, but then I saw a shepard at the side of the road with some flowers in his hand...and went some more up to the place I knew they were growing...and picked some...
 and here they are on my motor...
 ..nice, huh?
and I made this out of them...
...and put it at the entrance in our home, as it is said that a crown of sanziene will protect the home from evil, and bring prosperity.
I also put some, with roots, in water, on my windowsill, together with my other flowers, but when I went too bed I had to exile them outside, as their smell was to powerful.

Well, that would be about it, all my adventures regarding the Sanziene holyday. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did!
In the end, I leave you to a song that I love so much! this is definitely the best version on youtube! Enjoy!


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