miercuri, 26 iunie 2013

Some just have the gift...

Looking out for Mother nature photos online I was once again bewitched by all the great art out there. these are the moments I thank god I have a computer....and Internet connection, which make it possible for me to see art that otherwise would not be available to my eyes. I have to say I find a strange pleasure in watching all kind of art, but when it comes to contemporary, I rather have a dull taste, if I could say so. Abstract art is not really for me, I won't pretend I understand it, but that doesn't mean I haven't found some paintings or sculptures very intrigueing, fascinating and beautiful. I did, but that doesn't happen to me alot.
Another part of the "new" art is the one "enhanced " by computer, and not only that. The fascinating thing about modern art is that you cannot really grasp its origin, just its purpose; and that one is joy to the eye of the viewer. That is enough for me, and that is why I love to change my desktop everyday with beautiful new pictures that give me joy and inspiration.
Below are some of these pictures that fill my heart with a warm feeling, and give me inspiration:
Jasmin Aldin

.... what can I say? some people just have the gift...of imagination, and especially of transffering into reality that which they can imagine....priceless!

this one's a painting!
All photos above are from google images, just type "mother nature photos" and they pop-up! I don't own any of the rights, but I do hope no one will cry beacuse I posted them here, since I won't make any profit out of them, just wanted to praise the talent that created them!


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