vineri, 24 mai 2013

obligatory reading...

I just found out about a new book written by Dan Brown, book which I abolutely have to get my hands on! Especially after reading this article about it! I have to add I am not a fan of Dan Brown's novels, but the synopsis made in that article from The Catholic World Report just woke my curiosity. I just have to read it to see if I get the same idea....

I just can't help but render part of that article here, for I laughed and laughed while reading it...and just had to share...

"Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code, having written what for lack of a mightier term we must call a novel, a novel that proved that John the Apostle was a girl, Mary Magdalene a helpless goddess, and a hypotenuse an African water buffalo—having revealed for millions the lavish colors of the frescoes in Notre Dame de Paris (there are no frescoes in Notre Dame de Paris), the grim austerity of Spanish Cathedrals (Spanish Cathedrals are notorious for baroque exuberance), and the deep mystery of the Golden Ratio (every schoolboy knew about the Golden Ratio)—having shown the world that he could write a novel about art, theology, and Christian history while knowing nothing about art, theology, and Christian history, except what he could glean from the covers of matchbooks and obiter dicta from Cher—having shown how much you can do if you do not bother to open an ordinary encyclopedia, this Dan Brown, I say, this man of our time and of no time, has now written a novel about the greatest poet who ever lived, Dante. "

Just too awesome, right? and there's much more... I just have to congratulate the author, Prof. Anthony Esolen, for saying it plain and saying it true!
So, next to my huge to read list, I added another one, just for the sake of curiosity. It will just have to wait, for I am going today to a baptism ceremony somewhere 300 km away from Timisoara, and will be back just on Sunday, and next Thursday I'm off to Germany for the High Voltage motorcycle friends festival !!! Yupeee!!!
Have a great weekend!

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