vineri, 13 aprilie 2012

quiet post....

As I am alone these days in my office, my bosses are all gone and there's to much quiet around me...I thought of posting some (low-quality) photos of my zen spot in my office, namely my desk frou-frous and my plant (a Japanese rose).
...actually the Gingerbread Man wants a sip from my tea....
...and doesn't my coffe just look "himlisch"? you can see, these are photos from 2011 (the calendar!!)
above photos credits:
...and while I was looking for photos with my office...I came upon this beautiful one...a flower I brought back from Racasdia sometimes last looks just as if it grew out of my bag!!! wonderful, no?
Until next time I wish you a quiet afternoon, and of course...may the Easter Bunny bring you everithing you wish!!!
google images

P.s. I wouldn't mind if mine would bring me a LOT of tulips!
google images
 ...and, if it's not to much...also a bunch of these....please!!
Alma Tadena painting
 Happy Holidays everyone!

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