vineri, 20 aprilie 2012

No time...but for A game of thrones...

....for anything!
I'm breathless....enchanted, bewildered, inlove....insane!!!!
with these books:

                                                            (image source: Google Images)
...and I am currently reading the first one...A Game of Thrones
and I watched a few episodes from the movie on Vplay:
                                                                 (image source Wikipedia)
until at a point where Ned Stark may be slain....I didn't want to find out what will happen from the movie an spoil the book, so I frantically started reading it. Thank God once again for the wonderfull Internet, where I could find all the books!
And if you quickly want a taste of the movie....

Now...back to reading.....I might even spoil it for you a little after I finish at least the first book!
Until next time, have a wonderful weekend (I know I will, I'm going to Raca!!!!), and give you Des Bisous!

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